Job cafĂ© is for people looking for assistance in finding employment.  We help you to self-evaluate your situation, look at the pathway you desire and make the necessary plan to get you from A to B.

We list all your skills and enter it in a database so that employers with vacancies are able to find people firstly based on the skills they have vacancies in and secondly on the human factor.

We run workshops fortnightly, that help you align and realign your pathway, motivate you, educate you and prepare you for your chosen pathway.

Job Cafe' is open Monday - Friday 10 - 1pm.  Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.  Click Here 

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Learn / Train / Upskill / Educate Yourself.

Enrolling 2018 Term 2 courses commencing MAY 2018.   * English Conversational for Beginners , * ESOL Intermediate, * IELTS, * Te Reo Maori Conversational for Beginners, * Mandarin conversational for beginners,     * Art-Painting (Acrylics), * Computers/Technology, and * Start your own home Business.

Don't know what you want to do .... DESIGN YOUR LEARNING PATHWAY WITH US.

Caring experienced people ready to help you begin or continue your learning pathway.

Many options to choose from - local, regional or national - we can help you begin or continue your learning pathway.  Stop in and have a chat and check out what options are available to you.  We may not offer the training or course that you need, but we can help you find an organisation that is offering the right course for you.

Contact us now - (09) 827 6748

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If you're starting a learning journey and aren't sure how to get going, ACE PLACE could be the place that can help you. You can use the site to meet people like you, work out what you'd like to learn and how to learn it.

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Whau ACE would not be able to serve our community if it were not for the help of individuals and organisations.  We acknowledge the following for their support of our programs, staff and our purpose;

Follow Us on Facebook to stay up to date with what's happening in New Lynn & neighbouring suburbs out West